Summer Tips: Keep Your Home Safe From a Potential Break-In

Summer is officially here, and we’ve got some summer tips to help keep your family safe at home while making your home unappealing to burglars.

Warmer weather is on its way! But with those warmer days and nights comes the concern for an increase in potential home break-ins. Statistics say a burglary takes place every 14.5 seconds. Sadly, in the summer, that number rises.

While it’s time to throw open your windows and doors to let the fresh breeze come in, you also need to keep your family and property safe. We recommend the following tips to prevent your home from experiencing a burglary that could ruin your family’s summer fun.

1.     Install sensors on your windows and all doors so the alarm goes off if a thief opens one unexpectedly. Call us if you need to add sensors to more windows or doors.

2.     Better yet, ask about our proprietary screens for windows. Each screen has sensors built right in that can be hooked up to your security system. This allows you to leave the window open for some fresh air while still leaving the window alarmed.

3.     Keep garage and shed doors closed when you’re not outside. Otherwise, would-be thieves can scout out these spaces from the road to see if you have anything worth stealing. The same goes with sports equipment–hide it behind your house or put it away when not in use.

4.     Use timers to turn on lights, televisions and other appliances while you’re out enjoying warm weather activities. This helps confuse burglars as to whether you’re home or not. Use our Total Connect smartphone app to manage Zwave devices, such as lights, A/C and appliances from anywhere.

5.     Cut back vegetation that blocks clear views of doors and windows. Otherwise, burglars can hide behind trees and bushes until they can break in sight unseen.

6.     Add an alarm siren to your system (Froula Alarm systems come with one) that’s at least 120 decibels.  That’s loud enough to potentially scare thieves away and also alert neighbors that’s something’s amiss.

7.     Don’t forget to arm your alarm when you go to bed.


Marjory EarleComment