Videofied Helps Catch Thieves In The Act with a Video Clip That Gets a Priority Police Response


Tired of hearing how some bad guys got away with yet another theft? We are too! A solid security alarm system and surveillance cameras are a tremendous help to deter theft and give the police some video to help them identify the criminals as part of their long-term investigation. But we’ve got even better news! Now you can fortify your system with Videofied. Videofied helps catch thieves in the act.

Check out these videos (below) showing a crime about to go down at a museum in Puget Sound. This museum’s Videofied MotionViewer camera system captured 10-second clips of the guys running around the buildings, purportedly to find a way to get inside. One of the 10-second clips was sent immediately and wirelessly to the central monitoring station as soon as the sensor was tripped. The monitoring station immediately reviewed the video and within seconds, called the police for help. Because the monitoring station was able to verify the video showing a crime in progress (and not a false alarm), police gave the call a priority one response. Police give these types of calls priority because the chances of catching the thieves in action are much higher. In other words, Videofied helps catch thieves.

Luckily for the museum (and probably for the thieves), the would-be burglars got spooked and left the site before breaking in.

Froula Alarm now offers the Videofied alarm systems for both residential and commercial use. We like this system because Videofied verified alarms can result in a faster police response. They also work wirelessly, so no need for extensive cabling. Videofied also helps eliminate false alarms, which means you won’t have to pay hefty city or county fines for those bad alarm calls. Videofied is endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association, which is a big deal, since they rarely offer product endorsements!To see the extensive information we have recently added to our site about Videofied, including videos, equipment specs and more, click here.