Vacation Checklist: Secure Your Home & Property Before You Leave

Tis the season for the family vacations! Planning, organizing and packing to leave is just part of getting ready to enjoy some time off. You also need to make sure your home is protected while you’re gone. Use this list to make sure you take care of everything before you go so you come back to home the exact

1. Close and lock doors, windows and sliding glass doors before you leave.  Make sure any openings for which you’ve disarmed the sensor are turned back on while you’re gone.

2. Arm your alarm. Our clients who use Honeywell’s Total Connect smartphone app, can arm their system while on the road. They can also disarm the system from afar to let remodeling crews, appliance repairmen and cleaners come in and do their work, then arm the system when everyone leaves. Read more about managing your security system and home with a smartphone app.

3. Install a wireless doorbell before you leave, and make sure you know how to use it on your smartphone.  Then you can answer the door from your lounge chair on the beach.  We recommend Ring or Skybell.

4. Put lamps, TVs and stereos on timers so it looks like someone is home.

5. Disconnect any devices attached to a computer that could be hacked. This includes backup drives since cyber thieves can use ransomware to hold those drives hostage if they’re hooked up to your main computer.

6. Ask the post office to hold your mail until you return.

7. Arrange for a neighbor to pick up newspapers and any deliveries so it’s not obvious to the bad guys that you’re not home.

8. Leave drapes open so it looks like your family is home. Remove expensive appliances, furnishings, artwork and other items burglars might feel enticed to steal from rooms that are easy to peer into.

9. Put bikes, gardening tools and expensive toys away so a thief is not tempted to break in and see what other items you might have.  Throw away or store appliance and device boxes so burglars can only wonder – and don’t know for sure – if you buy such things!

10. Avoid announcing your vacation to the world on social media or posting photos of your family or vacation location.

11. Remove ladders, rakes, and other tools that can be used to smash a door or crack window glass.