Home Security System Scams: What You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them

After 40+ years in the residential and commercial security system business in Puget Sound, sometimes we feel like we’ve seen it all when it comes to home security system scams.

Sadly, we often hear of home security system scams that leave people with alarm systems costing far more than promised by sketchy companies. Or they end up with inferior equipment. Many times these scams offer little to no customization for a specific home and the family’s needs. Here’s what to watch for when it comes to home security system scams.

Questionable Sales Reps

One home security scam going on right now involves sales reps telling you your system is too old or your monitoring no longer works. Too often they’re trying to sell you is inferior equipment that leaves your home vulnerable to theft.

Another scam involves a sales rep showing up at your door unannounced and claiming to be from your security company. These con artists get you to sign new long-term contracts for monitoring or equipment you don’t need. Also, avoid sales reps that say the home security system you currently use is going out of business, and they are replacing their system.

Froula Alarm Systems never shows up at your home unexpectedly. If someone does show up without calling first and claiming to work with Froula Alarm, do not let the person in. Instead, give Froula a call at 206-575-1962 to find out what’s going on.


A few companies claim they do not require a long-term contract, but they may STILL be trying to scam you. How do you know if it’s a scam or not? Look carefully at the conditions on any paperwork before you sign on the dotted line. Review the monthly payments, too. If the monthly payments are extraordinarily high, you might actually be paying for a thinly-disguised long-term contract.

Froula Alarm does NOT require a long-term contract to install a home security system because any equipment we install is yours to keep. Of course, we’d love to handle monitoring for you at our competitive price, but it’s never required.  

Free Equipment

That old saying, “there’s no such thing as free” applies to home security system offers of “free equipment.” Unfortunately, there’s almost always strings attached that cost you big bucks in the long run. Take time to read the fine print on proposals and contracts before you move forward with those free systems. High monthly fees for monitoring or contracts for  up to 5 years with expensive termination clauses are common with free equipment offers. Also, find out what type of equipment is being offered, then do some research to find out how well it works.

At Froula Alarm, we install Honeywell systems and other proven products. Our systems are customized with top quality components that fit your specific requirements.

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 Pressure Tactics

If a sales rep pressures you to sign or says you must act immediately due to a time-limited offer, stop right there. Insist on taking a day or two to evaluate what the sales rep said and what’s in the proposal. Plus, taking a few days gives you time to ask additional questions that come up once you have time to think.