Choose a security system after doing your homework


Investing in a security system can result in peace of mind for your family, property or business. Before you invest in one, choose a security system after you do your homework.

1. Find out if the system meets national fire and electrical codes. Start with the National Fire Protection Association fire alarm codes.   Click here for info about the national electrical code.

2. Find out if your insurance company will accept the system for discount credit. Some insurance companies offer up to 20% off, so it’s worth a call to see if the system you’re considering meets their requirements.

3. Make sure the system is UL Listed. UL Listed equipment undergoes testing, inspection, validation and certification for safety and reliability standards, critical when it comes to relying on a system that truly helps protect you and your property. Don’t assume all alarm systems have UL Listed ratings – read this in-depth review of a common “do it yourself” advanced home security system package that does NOT meet UL Listed requirements. The article also gives you a feel for what to look for when choosing an effective system.