8 Tips To Keeping Your Car Secure…in Your Garage

You park the car in the garage each night and probably walk into the house without another thought as to how secure your car actually is. But with the rash of garage related thefts lately, we recommend reviewing the following tips to make sure your car truly is protected and stays out of the hands of the bad guys.

Security System

Include the garage in your home security system. Thus includes tying garage window and side door sensors into your alarm system.

Point Cameras

Point at least one camera towards the entrance to your garage. Add another camera to cover your driveway. We offer two types of cameras to consider. High-resolution video cameras are most commonly used in residences. We also offer Videofied systems that take low-resolution footage that’s immediately sent to dispatch when someone is trying to break in.

Add Signage

Add signs along your driveway that let would-be thieves know the property is secured with video cameras. If you’re a Froula customer, call us for signs.

Go Smart

Add a smart garage door controller to your garage system. Then you can use your smartphone to close the door from anywhere, particularly helpful if you forget to close it when you leave.

Add Lights

Add motion detector lights in front of your garage, on walkways and around the sides where it’s dark and thieves could hide. Tie them into a smartphone app so you get notified right away if the lights go on. You can also install smart spotlights, then turn them on and off from anywhere from a smartphone.

Take Opener With You

Take the garage door opener inside when you park the car for the night. That way, a thief can’t steal it and cause more problems down the road.

Cover Windows

Use frosted windows, shades or curtains to keep thieves from seeing what’s in your garage. Adding bars to the windows will also help deter burglars.  

Shut Windows and Doors

Before you hop out of your car, shut all of the windows. In case someone does break into your garage, this makes it that much harder to steal or break into your vehicle. Shut the garage doors as soon as you park your car in the garage. This helps prevent people from looking through the door to see what’s worth stealing. You can also put your garage door on a timer set to shut the doors within a certain number of minutes if you forget to do so.