Smartphone Apps for Busy Families with Busy Kids

Having a hard time keeping track of your kid’s activities? Besides extracurricular activities, you also have to keep an eye on your child’s Internet usage and general whereabouts. How do you stay on top of everything? Smartphone apps are key. Here are our picks for keeping track of your kids and their activities.

Parental Controls

There are a multitude of parental control apps to help weed out websites with content that’s inappropriate for children. Many of these apps also allow you to set time limits on Internet use.

According to PC Magazine, one of the best apps is Norton Family Parent Control. The publication recommends Norton because you install the app on your child’s phone and can also use an independent mobile app to access your child’s phone settings, generate weekly reports or set a schedule. Norton also offers subtle social media monitoring rather than blocking social media apps completely. Click here to read PC Magazine’s full review.

Real-Time Alerts

Use the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services app to get text messages or video alerts when your kids arrive home or when there’s been recent activity.  The app also lets you view live video on up to six cameras, giving you more options for keeping track of what’s going on at home.  For more information, call or email us.

Medical Emergencies

If you or your kids have a medical emergency or accident, the ability of emergency or medical personnel to access vital on a smartphone could save valuable time for getting proper medical treatment. But if your smartphone is locked, this could pose a problem.  That’s where Apple Health app comes in handy. The app is available for iOS 8 phones – simply set up the “Medical ID” information, and the information becomes available from your phone’s lock screen.  Click here to find out how to set up Medical ID on your iPhone.  Similar apps, such as ICE Standard, are available for Android phones. Click here for more information for Android phones.

 Tracking Teen Drivers

Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services relies on GPS location information to keep tabs on drivers. This app is often used by businesses to keep track of employees, but it works well for keeping track of teenage drivers. Keep an eye on young drivers by setting up the app to send text messages when the car exceeds speed limits or goes out of geographical areas you designate.  For more information, call or email us.

Missing Children

The FBI created the Child ID app for storing photos and other important information about your kids on your mobile phone. That way, if your child disappears while you’re at the mall, you can instantly access information about your child that can be used to help find them. The app also includes a guide on what to do if your child disappears, a helpful tool when you’re panicked and not sure what action to take first.  Click here for more info on the Child ID app.