4 Reasons to Install A Home Fire Sprinkler System

Making upgrades to your home, whether brand new or during a remodel means you’re updating cabinetry, countertops, flooring and other features. For the cost of making some of those upgrades, you could also install a fire sprinkler system that keeps your home, its contents and your family safe.  Statistically speaking, the chances of dying in a home fire rises by an astonishing 80% when no fire sprinkler system is present. If that’s not enough to convince you to install a system, consider these facts.

Reduces Property Damage

Sprinkler systems do a tremendous job to reduce heat, smoke and flames from a home fire. In turn, this helps reduce direct property damage by a whopping 70%, according to a study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This includes reducing structural damage as well as damage to furniture, appliances and other contents of your home. In addition, most times, just one sprinkler closest to the fire goes off, so it’s a myth that all of a home’s sprinklers go off and damage all of your home’s contents.

Adds More Protection Than Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a necessity in today’s home. After all, they give critical alerts that can help your family put out small fires or make their way outside to safety in the event of a growing fire. But a sprinkler system gives added protection when a fire starts, helping to put out or contain the fire so it doesn’t destroy everything.

Get a Discount

Most insurance companies offer from a seven to 13 percent discount for homes with fire sprinkler systems. The higher discounts are typically offered when full systems are installed in all rooms of the home, including attic spaces, bathrooms and closets, according to a survey of insurance companies conducted by the NFPA.

Protects Against Today’s Synthetics

New furniture is not quite up to the standards of the old days. Sadly, this translates into new furniture not being as fire resistant thanks to the use of synthetic materials. For instance, combustible polyurethane foam, used to stuff couches and chairs, burns more quickly than furniture made from materials such as wool, leather or cotton, says the NFPA. Installing a sprinkler system gives you a fighting chance to suppress the fire before your furniture ignites and spreads to the rest of your home.