6 Ideas For Reducing Hazards with Your Home Alarm System

Nowadays, a home alarm system is capable of doing so much more than simply alerting you to a potential break-in. Add home automation features, and suddenly your system gives you control of all kinds of devices, including some that can help prevent other types of hazards and potential disasters.  Consider these ideas for making your home and family more secure.  Then, give us a call to make any of them happen.

Add Flood Sensors

Tie sensors to your home security system to avoid disasters, such as flooding from broken pipes, floods or other water-related catastrophes.  For example, Honeywell offers a wireless sensor that senses flooding, freezing, excess humidity and low temperatures, and can then alert you via your smartphone app. The sensors work with the Total Connect app, giving you options on how you want to be notified via email or text message alerts so you can act quickly to minimize damage.

Implement HVAC Control

One in five home fires is started by faulty heating equipment, according to the National Fire Protection Association. We recommend keeping track of your heating system by tying it into a smartphone app. Our customers use Honeywell’s Total Connect app on their smartphones to alert them when the temperature or humidity is too high or too low in their home, a potential sign the heater needs repair. You can then view and change multiple thermostats or adjust your heating or air conditioning system settings from your smartphone or other device. 

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide poisoning is invisible and deadly. Keep your family safe by installing carbon monoxide detectors. Go one step further and get text or email alerts when the detectors sense a problem. We offer a Honeywell detector that works with the Total Connect app.

Replace Kitchen Appliances

Install or replace stoves and ovens with smart appliances that work wirelessly with a smartphone app. That way, you can avoid fires by checking on your stove or oven from anywhere.  CNET says the Wallflower, a device you plug into the wall and your stove, is a good step toward kitchen safety. You can then check the app from your smartphone to see if your stove is on. While the device cannot turn off the stove, at least you know the situation and can drive back or ask a neighbor to turn it off.

TIP: Use your smartphone to turn off your home security system when the neighbor arrives to turn the stove off, then arm the system immediately after.

Rely on Smart Doorbells

Install a smart doorbell so you know who’s knocking at your door no matter where you’re at. A smart doorbell allows you to see who is at the door as well as to hear and speak to them through your smartphone. Additionally, if you use the Honeywell Total Connect app, like our customers do, you can disarm the alarm in case you want the visitor to enter your home. This is ideal for allowing cleaning crews and maintenance people into your home while you’re gone. You can then arm the alarm as soon as they leave using your smartphone.

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Add Sensors to High Value Items

Add a sensor to valuable art, electronics, safes and heirlooms. Then tie the sensors to your smartphone app so you get a text message or email warning that indicates the item is being moved.

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