Empty Nesters: 5 Security Tips for the Next Phase

Did your last child just leave for college, and now you’re officially a member of the empty nesters? Or maybe your kids now have careers and families of their own, and it’s time to take stock of the situation. No matter the reason, it’s time to re-evaluate the security of your home and life to make sure you enjoy all of that new found time as an empty nester.

Invest in Surveillance
Now that you have more time for yourself, you may feel inclined to travel or pick up new, outside hobbies. That means home security may become an even more important issue since you may be home less often. Having fewer people around the house makes it more vulnerable to break-ins, another reason to reassess your home alarm system. Prepare now by installing a video camera system, and tie it into your smartphone. That way you can keep track of what’s going on while you’re away. We recommend installing surveillance cameras (choose from wired or wireless security cameras) and a Videofied system that helps get a priority police response if there is a break-in.
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Smart Home Automation
Time to turn your house into a smart home.  That means installing Z-Wave devices that allow you to control the security alarm system, heat/AC, lights and appliances from your smartphone. As long as you have Internet access, you can do things like shut your garage door, answer the doorbell, dim the lights, arm/disarm your home alarm and monitor your water heater, all from afar with your smartphone. Find out what’s required to get your home automated by reading our blog post about Z-Wave Smart Home Technology Explained.

Stay Secure While Downsizing Your Home
If you plan to sell your home as part of downsizing, make sure you keep your property safe during open houses.
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Use Medical Emergency Response Devices
Invest in one of those necklaces or wristbands that allow you to call for help with the push of a button. These devices are invaluable if something happens, and you cannot reach a phone to call for help.  Plus, with fewer people living at home, you can rely on the device to call for help.
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Enhance Personal Safety
If you plan to travel more or just want to feel safer out on your own, consider adding a personal panic button keychain to your personal security arsenal. A keychain, such as the one made by Revolar, is paired with your smartphone so your contacts know your location in the event of an emergency and in case you can’t use your cellphone to call for help. The device also features a “red alert” you can send to let your contacts know you need immediate assistance.