Our Monitoring Station is local and UL listed.    Always contact us BEFORE making any change to your alarm communication pathways.  

It is not uncommon for communication failures subsequent to changeovers for a variety of reasons.  

  • Alarm signals will often not successfully transmit over VOIP, other than Comcast, there is too much compression and the signals are corrupt on the receiving end.
  • Alarm signals will often not successfully transmit over new fiber networks.
  • Alarms are generally always connected to the Demarcation point, and not daisy chained with the inside phone jacks, if the communication is changed from traditional phone lines to internet based, the modem is often only inserted into the daisy chain, and thus by passing the alarm system.  
  • Mercer Island newly requires all new residential fire alarms be monitored.




Fire Alarm

Required Fire Alarm

  • Applies to commercial fire alarms where the monitoring is required by local fire codes

  • We offer both long range radio communication and cellular communication.  While dual phones are still acceptable, they are becoming more problematic so we are encouraging our customers to plan and budget for moving to radio/cellular in the near future.

  • While the state is still working under NFPA 72, 2010 edition, some local fire jurisdictions, as listed below, have early adopted the portion of the 2013 edition as it relates to DACTs. More information can be found here.

    • Beaux Arts Village• Bellevue• Bothell•Clyde Hill • Carnation • Hunts Point•Issaquah • Kenmore• Kirkland•Lake Forest Park Medina • Mercer Island• Newcastle• North Bend• Redmond•Sammamish •Shoreline•Snoqualimie•Yarrow Point

  • Other jurisdictions may have similar guidelines for fire alarm communicators, always check with them before making a change in communication pathways.
  • We are required to notify the local fire department if there is an interruption of service.

Elevator Monitoring

  • Elevators equipped with emergency phones can be programmed for monitoring by the central station.

  • There are two types

    • If the phone can be programmed to play a recorded message at the beginning of the phone call, the recorded message will tell the operator the location of the car.

    • If the phone only opens a two way phone call, then the location of the elevator is determined by the central station automation system interpreting the phone number the elevator called into.

  • Elevator monitoring must be tested at least annually. There are no self tests generated.

  • The emergency contact list can be customized

Pool Phone / Area of Rescue

  • Pool phones can be connected to a central station or they can be programmed to dial 911, these do not automatically test themselves and should be tested regularly by the customer.
  • Area of Rescue have different configurations.  If there is a station staffed 24/7, then the station will receive the phone call first, and then it may be backed up to a central station.  If there is no station, then it will a central station.  In either scenario these do not automatically test themselves and should be tested regularly by the customer.

Video Verification

  • Verified video response for difficult to secure areas.  Faster dispatch response times.  Better opportunity to catch thieves in the act.  Find our more information here.

We recommend testing your alarm system monthly.  Find instructions here.

Familiarize yourself with your local alarm ordinance.


  • All signals generated from the security system panel (Burglary, Fire, Panic, Duress, Medical, Auxiliary, and/or Trouble Conditions) are fully monitored.

  • There are no monthly reports generated.

  • There is no monitoring of missed signals

  • Customer must test their systems routinely to ensure monitoring is functioning properly.

  • Responses to signals can be customized.

Basic with Daily Timer Tests

  • Basic monitoring with the addition of Daily Timer Tests

  • Daily Timer Tests are signals generated daily from the alarm panel to the central station, the central station will expect this daily signal at an expected time, if this signals is not received, we will be notified.

  • Daily Timer Tests are required for Required Fire Alarm Monitoring

  • Not all security panels are capable of this feature

  • Additional fees apply


  • Basic monitoring with the addition of monitoring opening (disarming ) and closing (arming) signals generated from the security system

  • In most cases, a unique user name and number can be associated with the opening and closing.

  • Monthly reports of the opening and closing signals are mailed to the customer. (Coming soon, customers will be able to access this information on line.)

  • Not all security panels are capable of this feature

  • Additional fees apply

Supervised with Schedules

  • Supervised monitoring with the addition of an expected daily schedule of the opening and closing signals.

  • If a store has not opened (disarmed) by the expected time frame, the owner can be notified, similarly if it hasn’t closed (armed) on time.

  • Additional fees apply

Total Connect w/ Monitoring

  • Monitoring over phone line with Internet as a backup OR over a cellular network with addition of $200 Cellular Transmitter

  • Either option above will provide Total Connect remote access to  your alarm system over the Internet.

  • Total Connect provides virtual keypad operation, email notifications and device control from your smart devices.

  • You can also control your alarm system with the free Total Connect Iphone application.

Cellular Back up

  • Basic or Supervised monitoring over the regular telephone line but with a cellular back up unit installed.

  • Alarm signals are sent from both the security panel through the telephone line and also through a redundant cellular network.

  • Useful if the telephone interface to the premise is easily compromised.

  • Additional fees apply

Cellular/Internet as Primary

  • Basic or Supervised monitoring utilizing cellular or internet service as the primary means of communication

  • Required where there is no telephone line

  • Service is integrated into our current version of Honeywell control panels (Vista-21IP) that we are now installing and works with the Honeywell Total Connect (hyper link) service. Total Connect provides two way service to the security panel allowing remote arming/disarming, status report, etc.

  • Service can be integrated with our Honeywell control panels we’ve been installing for the past few years (Vista-20P) with the addition of a device. It also includes Total Connect.


Private Patrol Service

  • For customers unable to have police response (residents of Burien) or anyone who would prefer no police response, we offer private patrol response.

  • Upon dispatch, the private patrol officer will walk the surrounding premise looking for visable signs of enty. If anything is detected, police will be requested. A report will be generated of the findings, in either case.