We recommend you test your alarm monthly.  ALWAYS test your alarm after any phone work at your home or business!!

  1. Call the Monitoring Station @ 1-877-FROULA1 (1-877-376-8521) or 206-362-3805. You will need to give them your Account number and/or Password (if applicable). Tell them you wish to place your system in Test Mode for a period of time. During this time, any signal received by the Monitoring Station will be effectively ignored.
  2. Arm your system and trip a device! (Open a door or window, walk in front of motion sensor, etc). Wait at least 60 seconds before disarming. Repeat this test with different devices so that the alarm sends multiple signals to the station. (Be sure to disarm twice to clear Alarm condition). Remember that some devices in your system may be on a delay - delays are designed to lower the chances of a false alarm, so the system may not be truly armed immediately. Wait for at least 30-60 seconds before beginning your test after arming the system.
  3. Call the Monitoring Station to verify appropriate signals were received and have them remove system from Test.
  4. If the Monitoring Station did not receive the appropriate signals, please call us to arrange for the system to be checked.
  5. Keep a log of your tests - they should be done monthly!