Do It Yourself Vs. Professional Home Security System Installation

Most of us love to get our hands dirty on some type of home project. What about do-it-yourself alarm system installation?

We admit – we might be a bit biased on this matter. After all, we’ve been installing the latest and best home and business security systems for several decades. But is there a time when a system you install yourself could work? Sure!

Here’s what we recommend you consider when it comes to choosing a do-it-yourself home alarm versus a professionally installed home security system.


If you live in a very small space, such as a dorm room or a studio apartment, installing a simple DIY alarm system with a single camera makes sense. People living in a home which they plan to sell within a few months may also want a portable, DIY system to take with them. Keep in mind that a professionally installed home alarm system can help increase the sales price of your home.

If you’re living in a home with multiple doors or windows a burglar might use to gain access, we recommend professional installation. Why? Read on…


One of the best things about professional installation is the expert knowledge you get about where to place cameras and sensors. Often times our customers are surprised about where we recommend placing cameras and are glad we do so once they understand how vulnerable a specific location is to theft. Professional also give you an idea of the options available, such as the best high and low resolution video cameras and other equipment that work with the whole system. Our Froula team is also helpful in suggesting other measures you might want to take to make your home more secure, such as installing outdoor lighting, trimming landscaping in vulnerable spots and ideas for securing outbuildings.  Click here to read a recent blog post about more measures to take to reduce chances of a home burglary.  

Contracts…Or the Lack Thereof

The good thing about do-it-yourself alarm systems is that there’s no long term contract, unless the company from which you buy the system requires monitoring services as part of the package. At Froula, we do NOT require long-term monitoring contracts when we professionally install the equipment. That means you’re free to switch monitoring companies without recourse. Of course, we work hard to keep our customers happy so they don’t feel the need to switch. But you can if you want to.

Get Problem Solving Help!

If you need help because your alarm is acting up or a sensor or camera is causing a concern, calling the installation company is likely to be faster than trying to find the time to fix the problem yourself. If you’re not tech-savvy with today’s latest components, being able to call a friendly voice to help fix the problem means your family’s security is being taken care of. That’s another thing you can rely on with Froula. We take great pride on providing excellent customer service we install your alarm system.