Froula now offering Videofied for homes and businesses


Wish you knew who or what tripped your home or business alarm? Want full time security and the peace of mind that goes with getting help faster in the event of a break-in? Froula is proud to introduce Videofied, a detection system that relies on a short video clip to let our monitoring station know your home or property is really being broken into. Since video verified alarms are given priority by police, you’re likely to get the help you need when you need it.

Here’s How it Works
The Videofied system is different than typical video surveillance cameras. Regular video cameras do not have a way to relay video clips directly to the monitoring station. Videofied is different.

The wireless Videofied system uses a MotionViewer that silently captures a short video clip when the sensor detects an intrusion. The MotionViewer starts taking the video clip within milliseconds of the sensor being tripped. Video is immediately sent to our central monitoring station via a wired Ethernet connection or a 3G/4G cell network. The monitoring station quickly reviews the video, confirms human activity, and then alerts police to the situation. The call is given Priority Response status by police, meaning they respond more quickly since it’s a crime in progress, and the chances of making an arrest are higher.

Download the VideoApp4All App
Customers can download the VideoApp4All mobile app, available for iPhones, iOS and Android devices, to see what’s happening from a remote location. You can also arm/disarm the system from afar and see what the MotionViewer is seeing.

Combine with Other Video Surveillance Equipment
Some of our clients use the Videofied system with their current surveillance system, giving them two sets of videos. In these cases, Videofied’s short video clip is used to quickly alert police while the other high-resolution cameras take video of the event, giving police a more detailed, historical video view to help identify the thieves.

The potential loss reduction in getting the police to respond more quickly before thieves can do even more damage or steal more property makes Videofied a welcome choice for both residences and businesses. Give us a call today to find out how we can integrate Videofied into your alarm system.

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