See top rated security system companies in Puget Sound

Want a peek into the top rated alarm system companies in the Puget Sound?

First, check out this article in the Seattle Times about steps you can take to secure your home.  There are some great ideas for keeping thieves out.  The article mentions tips ranging from keeping your valuables out of sight at your front door to updating your landscaping and installing improved door locks. For more ideas, read our recent blog post, Use These 9 Tips to Reduce Your Chance of a Home Burglary.

Then, through a special arrangement, the article provides a link to so you can see the top-rated alarm system companies in the Puget Sound. is an independent non-profit organization that provides information and ratings for vendors and service providers. Typically, you must be a member of to see reviews, but until February 26, you can view home security company ratings for free at:

As the article suggests, not all alarm system companies are created equal. We feel Froula Alarm consistently receives high ratings because we spend the time necessary to inspect your home, make recommendations, expertly install the equipment and provide ongoing services as required. That’s why, for more than 40 years, customers and their families have trusted and returned to us with their security and life safety needs.