Test Drive Total Connect

Take a FREE test drive and find out what you’re missing with Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote services!

Just install the FREE interactive Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote services demo on your iPhone or iPad. Then see how a real user stays connected to home remotely. Try arming and disarming the security system. Boost the temperature to a balmy 85 degrees (hey, you don’t have to pay the utility bill!) and try locking and unlocking the doors.

You’ll also see how the service gives you to access to live video and recorded clips from your security cameras. The service even tracks when someone moves valuable items.

Download the App Now

Go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/total-connect-2.0/id439763870?mt=8  to download the free app. Then, click on the “Take a Test Drive” button to play with all of the features a real user accesses. Download the Total Connect 2.0 Basic User Guide to help you get started,

To learn more about using Total Connect Remote Interactive Services in conjunction with a Honeywell security system, give Froula a call at 206-575-1962.

Total ConnectNancy Wagner