Froula ready to hook up your new Andersen window sensors


Froula Alarm Systems is ready to hook up your Honeywell
security system to new Andersen E-Series windows
and doors that feature built-in security sensors

August 14, 2014, Tukwila, WA.  Andersen Windows && Doors has combined forces with Honeywell to offer innovative security sensors that are built right into E-Series/Eagle windows and doors.

E-Series/Eagle Windows and Doors are available in a wide variety of shapes and are built to your custom specifications, giving homeowners and businesses plenty of flexibility in beautifying their properties while also making them more secure.

The windows and doors feature exclusive, built-in sensors, powered by VeriLock technology. The sensors consist of wireless transmitters that are built into the door or window’s locking mechanisms. The built-in sensors eliminate the ugly wires, holes and visible sensors that mar the beauty of sparkling new windows and doors.

Once the windows or doors are installed, the sensors are hooked up to a Honeywell security system. The system relies on signals from the sensors to indicate whether the window or door is locked or unlocked. In addition, a glance at the security panel shows whether the window or door is open or closed, too.

Not only does this give homeowners and businesses more security, but the built-in sensors eliminate the need for drilling holes in the window or door in order to add after-market sensors. These modifications typically void the warranty on new doors and windows.  But with the new built-in sensors, your warranty is left intact.

Whether you are replacing your windows or buying new ones for a residential or multi-unit construction/remodeling project, Froula Alarm Systems is ready to program the sensors to your Honeywell Security System. The sensors were designed to use lithium batteries that offer years of battery life, so you can also count on Froula to change the batteries in your windows as part of your security system maintenance plan.  

Contact Froula Alarm Systems at (205) 575-1962 for more information or to set up an appointment to hook up your sensors.

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