Once again Froula Alarms goes above and beyond the call of duty.

One of our customers had an ongoing challenge, they wanted to be able to utilize their existing rooftop camera and speaker system (which Froula had installed) specifically to verbally notify and remind unauthorized, after-hour guests of the site policies. They wanted to be able to utilize the camera microphones from their on-site management office computers. This request was not out of the realm of our technician’s capabilities. so, he accomplished this effortlessly. But the exceptional achievement, above and beyond, was that he was able to connect management’s smart phones to the rooftop system, providing voice access from anywhere: different buildings, off-site locations, anywhere there are cellular signals.
Our customer was quite impressed and pleased with the extra effort our technician successfully applied to take their request one step further. Froula continues to strive for excellence, which is why we are continually rated number one in the Puget Sound Region.