Froula meets with Waste Management about the complexity and importance of recycling

During our October monthly meeting, we had the pleasure of a representative from Waste Management join us and explain the complexity and importance of recycling. She also shared with us that as a little girl, she grew up with a Froula Alarm system in her home.

To our surprise, there is a true science behind the theory of recycling. From what and why products can or cannot be recycled to the chemical make-up of recyclables as well as why certain shapes and sizes matter (e.g. to limit damage to the high-tech machinery) and the ever-advancing opportunities to help preserve our environment.

The Froula team passed with flying colors when the representative examined our recycle bins and garbage cans. We missed the mark on little things like throwing the tops of bottles (e.g. pop bottles) into the recycling bin when they should have been tossed into the garbage, and napkins and paper towels into the recycle or garbage when they can be composted! Who knew?! We do now!

Froula Alarms is fully devoted to the recycling mission. We all share the investment of protecting our environment, whether it be saving a tree, preserving our planet for future generations, or just to live in a cleaner, healthier world.

We would like to thank Waste Management for taking the time to make a special visit to our meeting. You rock, Kristin!


RecyclingNancy Wagner