The Indoor siren enhances intruder deterrence and delivers a 110 db blast in the event of an intrusion. Totally wireless, it can be mounted easily anywhere without the need to drill holes to run signal or power. Multiple sirens can be placed on one system.

Product Details

  • Annunciates the alarm sounds and entry/exit delay beeps of Videofied security systems
  • Compatible with all control panels 
  • Produces an output level of 110 dB at 3 ft for 1.5-3 minutes during alarm
  • Typically installed in hallways, foyers, or other similar areas where sound can resonate so occupants can hear alarms
  • Dual tamper function provides detection for both wall and cover tamper
  • Up to 4 year battery life on alkaline batteries
  • Temperature range: +14/+104°F (-10/+40°C)

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Download Wireless Indoor-Siren  (in PDF format)