Videofied = "video" + "verified" — Every Videofied system should include at least several MotionViewers (up to 22 cameras max per control unit) covering assets and key entrance points where a thief, vandal or trespasser could show up. Give your home or business the vision that delivers a priority one response and expedites arrests to stop real security threats... before costly damage is done. 

is a battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated color video camera and infrared illuminators. It is designed to detect an intruder, instantaneously record a short video clip and send it over military-grade RF to the control panel which then transmits the alarm signal + video clip to a monitoring station via cell or Ethernet. After receiving and reviewing the video clip, monitoring operators will verify for human activity and dispatch law enforcement for a priority one “crime in progress” response to a person being seen in the video. ®The Videofied Outdoor MotionViewer

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Product Details

  • Infrared illumination up to 30 feet from device.
  • IP 65 Weatherproof rated.
  • Temperature rated to -20° to +140°F (-30° to +60°C) 
  • Operates for years on one set of AA batteries 
  • RF range between panel and device: 500ft; up to 1000ft for line-of-sight contexts (zero obstruction) 
  • 1/4 inch x 20 mounting thread
  • Includes a screw and magnetic base

New and Improved Features

  • Color camera
  • Multiple Fresnel lens options 
  • Enhanced night vision 
  • Accelerometer tamper 
  • Input/output (3/1) terminals for integrating 3rd party devices 
  • VGA day/night video camera
  • Doubled wireless transmission speed 
  • Easy battery change

Download Specifications (in PDF format)