Froula Does Alarmed Window Screens

Froula Alarm Systems has recently expanded their security system opportunities by acquiring assets of Alarm Screens International, previously owned and operated by Mr. Charlie Pelly. Charlie has joined Froula Alarms, bringing his knowledge of security screens production, installation and maintenance.

Froula Alarms, along with Charlie, now offer the capability to secure your home or business even further. Security screens provide additional assurance that your family and investments will be protected against the ever growing concern of break-ins and burglaries.

You can use your existing screens (or Froula Alarms will build you new ones), it is an inexpensive, modest alteration to most conventional window screens. The process is quite simple, the existing screen mesh is replaced with uniquely designed alarm mesh which has interwoven detection wires, placed every 4-6 inches. The mesh wires are connected to the window contacts, then incorporated into your existing alarm system. They allow unrestricted movement within the system perimeter even when the system is armed. You can open and close, or leave your windows open year around, with the comfort of knowing that even if the screens are cut, tampered with or even removed, your system will be immediately activated, adding an additional deterrent to intruders.

Froula Alarms security screens are built with the utmost care and expertise, using only the highest quality of products available to the industry today. Froula Alarms guarantee their quality and craftsmanship with the security screens, as they do with all their components and services. If you would like more information, please feel free to call 206-575-1962 and ask!

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