All Videofied arming devices are 100% wireless and bidirectional, confirming the arming or disarming with LED lights, beeping or LCD readout. The keypad and the remote key fob must be kept above freezing and not exposed to rain. The outdoor prox tag arming station is fully weatherproof IP 65 rated, and will function in temperatures between -20 and +140 degrees F. With the integrated flashing LED lights, you know if the site is armed or disarmed. Typically mounted just inside the gate of a fenced secured area, arming and disarming is easily done with the prox tag. A record of the identity of the prox tag user and the date and time of arming and disarming is recorded at the central station.  

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Alpha Keypad with Integrated Prox Reader Outdoor Prox Tag Arming Station
Prox Tag Remote Bidirectional Key Fob