Cellular Yagi Antenna Kit

The directional, external cellular Yagi antenna kit is designed to increase cell coverage signal strength for remote applications such as telecom towers, ranches, oil fields, cabins, substations, agricultural assets, and solar panel farms where the existing cellular signal strength coverage is below the minimum 3/5 required by Videofied for reliable communications to the central station. Cellular signal strength is measured using the GPRS signal strength test feature built-in to each Videofied control panel, so you’re not guessing. External cell antennas should be used only for applications where the tested signal strength is less than 3/5.  

The Outdoor XT Control Panel (XTO-IP630), contains an integrated high-gain cellular antenna and generally tests 3/5 or higher in most deployed areas. If your site GPRS test does not meet the minimum, this Yagi antenna kit should resolve the problem. Call us for a technical consult so we can locate your closest cell towers and map the exact direction to aim the Yagi for the best signal strength outcome.  

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Product Details

  • The Cellular Antenna Kit includes:
    • Cellular Yagi antena with mounting hardware
    • Coax cable (choose length: 10' or 20')
    • MMCX to N-Female Bulkhead Pigtail